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. >> secretary of state john kerry says climate change is the world's most fearsome weapon of mass destruction. >> the largest construction project we see on the books. >> republicans calling for this and say it's too big for jobs. >> have a single republican leader stood with us throughout this time? >> obama administration's own folks have said, no, this is not going to do damage. >> what would hold him back from saying yes? >> if there's a crack, a leak, it's in that water. >> we need to step up and do something about it. >> listening to your body against the gears of the machine. this madness must stop. >> we will stand the ground, yes. >> gooed to have you with us tonight. thanks for watching when i was 11 growing in up norfolk, virginia, the vietnam war was rolling, protests started to take place on campus at old dominion university. in washington things started to get heated up. april 1965, april 17th, 25,000 people who showed up to protest the vietnam war. they wanted it over with. and then one month later at uc berkeley, in may of '65, there were 30,000 people. fast forward to 1967, t
kerry asking for an immediate and comprehensive study on how tar sands oil would affect health. on wednesday, both whitehouse and boxer said health impact of tar sands oil are being ignored. >> we need to clearly understand that as tar sands oil flows to our gulf coast refineries, it will increase toxic pollution that already travels here. >> it is important we make this decision with our eyes wide open to the health effects, to the climate effects, and not just take at gospel parts of a report. >> meanwhile, there are also growing concerns about the quality of the xl pipeline itself. i mean the physical pipeline itself. is it any good? when i was in nebraska, i spoke with a man named byron seskel. if the pipeline is approved it's going to run right through his land. he gave us i thought a very interesting illustration of the pipeline. >> this goes through your land, doesn't it? >> yes. it goes across my property, splits it right in half, 1.2 miles. my visual aid is this is how big the pipeline is, only it is not this thick. it is 0.478, something of that, and it's made in indi
-- the kremlin says it will continue to respect the sovereignty of its neighbors, secretary of state john kerry made a call for peace on all sides and of course, on wednesday, russian president, vladimir putin, ordered a surprise military exercise on the border of the ukraine with 150,000 russian troops. the russian flag was planted on top of crimea's parliament building. militants took control of the government's building there and pro-russian demonstrators filled the streets. joining me now kristen welker of nbc news. great to have you with us tonight. what can we expect the president to talk about, kristen? >> ed, i think you're going to hear stern words from president obama to give you a sense of what we have been hearing from this administration all week. white house press secretary jay carney, national security adviser susan rice have all said it would be a grave mistake for russia to intervene in ukraine. u.s. official at this hour essentially confirming that is what happened, uniformed russian officers, a hybrid of military and paramilitary are still flying into a region in crimea. the
and not known to lie, he wrote a letter to john kerry on friday urging the united states to support the pipeline. he said if the pipeline is approved, can that today will work to reduce carbon emissions. ambassador wrote canada is committed to additional actions to reduce carbon emissions further. on friday, he told me and president obama, he says if the president says no to the pipeline, he's going to be saying yes to greenhouse gases. >> what it if the president says no to this, what does this do to diplomatic relations with canada? >> first of all, if the president says no, he's saying yes to higher greenhouse gases because the oil is coming down whether anybody likes it or not on rail. >> so it will either come down on rail, on truck or it will be barged. okay? all right. meanwhile, trans canada ceo russ gerling is telling the president of the united states basically what to do. at an energy event in houston, he said it is the next pipeline that is going to be built. the marketplace continues to push us to build a pipeline. it's the right thing to do. it takes a lot of nerve for a ceo of a m
of state john kerry isn't minceing his words. he gave put an strong message on sunday. >> the reason for this, david, is because you just don't invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests. >> interesting. i seem to remember this president invading a country on completely trumped up pretext. conserve stiff policy, you know what they've done? they have made us weaker, if we are weaker when it comes to foreign policy, because right now, we've got limited options. back in 2001, i believe it was problem who said he found putin to be very trust worthy. >> i looked the man in the eye i found him to be very straight forward and trust worthy. now, we had a very good dialogue. i was able to get a stens of his soul. he's a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country. >> yeah, soul, brochlts where is it now? one meeting and bush was sold putin is a great guy. so it's all president obama's fault. to say president obama has been weak on foreign policy is flat out wrong and it's lying to the american people. president obama has taken out o
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5